"I also did the motion capture" BC


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Can we just pause on the fact that he knows he’s sexy when he gets all tough and asskicky, and reread the last five years through this lens? 

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Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park, 23rd and 24th May 2014

Photos taken on 800iso colour film with a Disderi Robot 3 camera. It takes 3 consecutive shots so I thought it would capture movement well (or hoped).

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Arctic Monkeys 2005-2014

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Sherlock: Girlfriend? Not, not really my area
Sherlock: This man was gay because he wore a very particular brand of underwear
Sherlock: All nice girls like a soldier
Sherlock: Not purple, lilac, John
Sherlock: I love dancing *does a pirouette*
Sherlock: I didn't have sex with you because Iwaswaitingtillwegotmarried
Sherlock: John, there's something I need to say and that I wanted to say always and that I never have
Audience: I don't understand why people think Sherlock is gay
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playing soul calibur 5 online as shrekimitsu is an experience


i had one guy yell at me down the mic “no, fuck off, im not fucking fighting shrek, this is a serious game” and he d/ced

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Game of Sass | Sansa Stark 

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